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You know you run a MakerSpace when...

  • You contemplate taking the empty toilet paper roll from your local Starbucks bathroom.
  • You purposefully buy the cheapest paper towels so your family can accumulate empty cardboard tubes more quickly.
  • You drive past a construction site and think to yourself, will they REALLY need ALL those materials to complete their project and wonder who you could talk to for permission to dumpster dive.
  • You realize that your family hardly fills the recycle bin anymore because every box, can, water bottle, and plastic container you use throughout your day is taken to school for the MakerSpace.
  • Everyone around you (adults and students) knows they can bring you ANYTHING they don't want and you will take it. After all, you just never know when you MAY need it for an upcoming project.
  • You look forward to lunch duty because it is yogurt parfait day and the plastic domes that cover the parfaits are fabulous additions to many projects (rocks in habitats and parts for Rube Goldberg machines or catapults). is a tough life, but it sure is making great experiences for kids!


Brandon W Lewis said…
This is hilarious, Angela!! So proud of what you do for our students...they are SO lucky to have you every 4 days!! :)
Nancy Wilcox said…
What an inspiration you are and my idol!!!!