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I am so appreciative of the Lewis and Clark PTA support of our MakerSpace!  Earlier this school year, I submitted a PTA grant application for the amount of $650.00 and it was funded.  The grant was mainly for 2 additional sets of Dot and Dash robots to use with my younger kiddos to introduce robotics and visual programming.  I was also able to pick up the Dot and Dash accessory sets, two 10-port usb chargers, and a couple of surge protector power strips.  The kids and I are so ready to dive in to our robotics unit! 

Along with this unit of study, I want my students to be stumped, to fail, evaluate the situation and figure out how to complete a challenge based on their learning, not mine.  I want my students to know that if there is a problem, there are multiple ways to solve it.  Additionally, the kids will be working collaboratively with others, demonstrate perseverance, think creatively, and realize that hard work produces great results!