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3D Printing

Our fifth graders have worked for the past couple of months learning Tinkercad and designing a 3D item that they wanted to print.  Recently we have been working on a design that is needed in our library.  We need a few additional ipad stands to use with stop-motion animation.  The kids started by drafting several ideas on paper, taking into account the size of our ipads.  They then created a prototype of their best design, built it in Tinkercad, and finally we voted on the best stand in each 5th grade class.  One of the four will be selected and printed to be used by our students.

Next year we will not be doing a 3D printing unit together.  Rather, students will learn Tinkercad when necessary and needed for individual genius hour projects.  I finally feel comfortable enough with printing and Tinkercad to go this route.  It has taken me a while to learn also!