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Kindergarten Learners

By the time my kindergarten kiddos "graduate" to first grade they are amazing at jotting down notes about what they want to remember about their learning.  Thanks to a list of consistent guidelines that great researchers and notetakers do [used K-5], we are experts!  We start the year taking picture notes, then move onto modeling whole group note-taking, and then to taking notes all on our own.  Each kindergarten student "adopts" a beanie baby animal to learn about.  [We also read to and with our animal]  I developed a new way to organize our notes this year that has worked fabulously...finally!  The kids LOVE this process and feel so good about their success.  We use PebbleGo for our research. We spread out so the kids can listen to the info first before deciding the important information to jot down.  Kids worked at their own pace.  Some kids like the floor and some opt for tables.