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LCTV Broadcast Club

After many years of wanting to start a student run broadcast club, I finally jumped in and did it this year! Eight dedicated third graders have worked for months to bring great broadcasts to our school population. We have mixed up jobs 4 times so that each member would have a chance in the lead newscaster role.  I have been so impressed with how my students have trained each other on their new job and how they have taken ownership of their new role.  One thing that I have noticed when giving kids the reigns, is that those quiet kiddos usually have BIG ideas.  Tarryn, is one of those kids. Each time that she takes on a new broadcast position, she has a new way of looking at how it is done. For example, when she became our weather person, Tarryn had an idea for getting the weekly weather to our students in a different way so they would know what to expect for recess, field trips, and activities.  It seems simple, but obviously, she wasn't going to continue the way things had always been done!  She drew pictures with each day's weather AND the temperatures so kids could visually see the weather and temps.  Again, simple but different and impactful.  Her confidence, determination, effort, and creative thinking will take her far!