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Book Review-The Big One-Oh

It all started when dad sent me the birthday card a month early(like always). Those 10 words I will never forget...What are you going to do for your big day?... This thrilling ride through the Big One-Oh roller coaster has its ups, it has its downs, but you never get off until the big day! Charley Maplewood is turning 10,when he finally meets his crazy neighbor Garry Quarky. He learns that he was a retired effects man, and that inspires Charley to have a house of horror birthday with all the wrong people. The two school bullies, three girly girls that care more about nails than themselves, and more party goer's! Can Charley pull this off without the grownups finding out? Read The Big One-Oh by Dean Pitchford and find out!


Mrs. Rosheim said…
Kendall~I can't wait to finish reading this book. I started it a couple of days ago and hope to finish it this weekend. Thanks for reviewing a new book for the library, you did a fabulous job!
Mrs. Rosheim
Mrs. Davis said…
Great review, Kendall! As always, great writing - what voice and description!
Emily said…
I love The Big One-Oh because it is just a ordinary day and Charlie`s dad sends him a monster G Maniacs comic book as usuall. His dad is like a month early and now he has to come up with a birthday theme and find friends. Can he do it before his big day arrives? Read this book and you will find out.
Andrew said…
This book is awesome! I love the plot, the wacky characters and how the party turns out. I like when the monster shows up and everyone is sooooo creeped out. I want a party like that. Dean Pitchford rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan said…
WOW!! Great book review Kendall. I like it.
Whitney said…
Great job Kendall! You are going to be a great book reviewer for our library!!!
Anonymous said…
My MoM bought me this book and before I had no idea I just bought a Mark Twain book for 09-10! My brother is reading it right now and I can't wait for him to finish.

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