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Book Review-Nancy Drew: Sleight of Dan

I reviewed Nancy Drew-Sleight of Dan. The authors are Stefean Petrucha and Sarah Kinney. This is the first GRAPHIC NOVEL that I have ever read.

Tina is missing! Dan does a magic trick on Tina that makes her disappear. Dan tries to get Tina back, but can't. You have to read the book to find more clues to help you solve where Tina went.

I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars because the book is a mystery and I like mysteries. I think this book is for third and fourth graders.


Mrs. Rosheim said…
Melanie~I have started reading many graphic novels, but I have to admit I never seem to finish them. I guess I don't like to read the graphic format. However, you didn't write your review so just I would read your wrote it for kids and I know a lot of kids will LOVE to read your graphic novel. Thanks for writing a great review!
Grace said…
I loved your reiview! I still have not read a graphic novel!
Sami K. said…
My freinds Love those Nancy Drew books!
Anonymous said…
The reiview was awsome! It inspired me to read it.