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Warrensburg Literature Festival

Kids who attended the Literature Festival in Warrensburg, please respond to the following questions...

1. Did the Literature Festival encourage you to read? Why?

2. Did the Literature Festival trip motivate you to write more and/or better? Why?

3. Who was your favorite author? Why?


Annie said…
1. The Literature Festival encouraged me to read, because seeing all the different research projects and all the hard work that went into the books inspired me want to read them.

2. Yes, the festival motivated me to write because seeing all the different technics authors use didn't make it seem as hard as just writing a rough draft, revising, and editing.

3. My favorite author was Elisa Carbone because she brought in objects that inspired her to write about certain things, she also included pictures of things that she saw while she was doing research that she includes in her books.
Maddy said…
1.Yes the Literature Festival did encourage me to read. I know how hard the authors worked to have that book published and that not all books start off with a good beginning.
2. Yes. The Literature Festival encouraged me to write better by the authors gave me the secret tip of writing! They shared how sometimes they get stuck but they create something still.
3. Roland Smith because he interacted with his audience and had some humor. He explained his books well and now has made me want to read more of the books he has written!
Libby said…
1. Yes because it told you how to pick books you are intrested in.
2. Yes because they told you all these ways like use a little note book to write down your ideas.
3. My favorite author is Roland Smith because his books have great figurative language im reading Peak right now and I can't put the book down.
Mackenzie said…
1. The Literature Festival encoraged me to read more because i wanted to experience more, and different types of writing.
2. The Literature Festival motivated me to write more be cause i want to be a writere someday and getting to hear hose authors was pretty motivating.
3. Roland Smith was my favorite author because i really like his style of writing.
Alexandria said…
The Literature Festival encouraged me to read those author's books! One reason is I knew more about the book and author. Second is I know some of the background information on those books!

Yes, because the authors said anyone could write a story. That motivated me to write more in free time. Or at least try to! It was for better because now I cab practice writing and also write books for school or just anytime!

My favorite author was Roland Smith. To me he was the one to connect more to you. Because he also talked about his books and made it a good time. Whenever he talked about a book he would tell us what a second graders response was. It was hilarious! He was my absolute favorite!
Elliott said…
1.Yes the Literature festival encouraged me to read. I saw authors new books and i wanted to read them.

2. Yes the literature festival motivated me to write more because the authors gave you numerous tips about how to write.

3. My favorite author was Roland Smith because he gave a very detailed presentation about how he started writing and what motivated him as a writer. I also really enjoy his books.
Anonymous said…
1.It encouged me becausde if I read more I might get ofered more thing.
2.Yes because then maybe some day I could be one of those athors.
3.Roland Smith was my favorite because he is so funny and I love his books.
shawna said…
1. yes the literature festival encouraged me to read becasue it made me think that all these authors worked so hard on writing these books the least i can do is read them and then i relized i actually like the books they write or have written.
2. no because it seemed like to much work for me and i wouldn't be able to do much more with my life.
3. my favorite author was roland smith because he is so funny!!!! also he gave us a little bit more than the other authors because he actually had a slide show and we actually got a little better idea of what the litterature festilval really is:)
Cailey said…
It did encourage me to read more because some of the books I heard about sounded good so I want to read them all.
It did motivate me to write better because I used the "reading is revising" skill Roland Smith told us about.
My favorite author is Roland Smith because he told us that if we wanted to be a writer when we grew up, we should always keep a little notebook is our pockets if we get a good idea and the reading is revising skill.
Emily said…
1 Yes the literature festival encouraged me to read more because I read alot at home and i really wanted to read the authors books that we saw that day and be able to chat with people who have read the same book!

2 No because it seemed like alot of work and writing is really not my best subject.

3 My favorite author was roland smith because he was really funny! and alot of his books i have read or is reading also because he had a slide show to make it more intersting!
Sydney said…
1. Yes the literature festival encouraged me to read. Why, because all the authors had to READ to be a good writer.

2.Yes the trip motavated me to write more because they all started out like everyone of us and ended up... well they ended up being famouse for their writing. And I think that if we try to keep writing then we could make something of it.

3. My favorite author was Roland Smith because i love his books (IQ,Peak,Zacks Lie- Jacks Run and so on)and his writing SKILLS... while he was explaing his way of writing a book it really felt like he reached out to me.

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