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Landmark 2009

Lewis and Clark students don't just read for fun, we read for information as well. Each year we participate in a challenging game called Landmark. Each team involved picks one landmark anywhere in the world and writes 9 clues to help all of the other teams research and figure out their landmark. We play with teams from all over the world and at all grade levels. As a teacher librarian, I love the research and problem solving skills used in this game as well as fostering teamwork, perseverance, and thinking outside the box. The students become so engaged that they even ask to search for landmarks at home! What more can you ask for, students begging to learn outside the school day!


Anonymous said…
I love this game and all of the riddles the differrent schools send.
Anonymous said…
I really like Landmark because it's challenging and it's really cool because you compete with teams from around the world.
Justen said…
Landmark was so fun I can't wait too do it this year!